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  • Start game

    To start a new game, tap on the "power button".

  • Edit team

    Before starting your game, tap Edit Team under each team name.

  • Initial 5

    Select the initial 5 in the Edit Team section.

  • Named players

    Select the players that will be playing in the game.

  • Add players

    If your team has more than 12 players, add more tapping the button under the last name.

  • Delete players

    Delete a player by taping the trash symbol.

  • Save Team

    Tap Save in the Edit Team section to save your team for use it every match.

  • Settings

    Edit the settings of the game tapping Settings under the clock.

  • Basketball WheelChair

    In Settings, drop down and select the option "Basketball WheelChair" before starting the game.

  • Chrono

    Start de chrono tapping the > (play) symbol. And zoom it tapping the clock.

  • Periods

    Select the period tapping + or -.

  • Zoom Results

    Tap the result of the match whenever you want to zoom it.

  • Overtime

    When you're at the last period, tap Overtime to add it.

  • Substitution

    Select a player (from bench) and drag it to the player you want to change.

  • Team Statistics

    Tap under the Team name to see the Team Stats.

  • Email Statistics

    In the Team Stats section, tap on the top right button to send the email.

  • Individual stats

    Select a player to see their individual stats in the central board.

  • Save game

    Tap Save on the central board to save the game and check it whenever you want.

  • Publish game

    Tap Publish to publish your game in www.LetsBasket.com

  • Favorites

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