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    Leoti 45
    Tribune 38

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    4 Name 0 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0
    5 Devian 4 25% 0/0 0% 2/4 50% 2
    6 Name 0 0/2 0% 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0
    7 Name 0 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0
    8 Name 0 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0
    9 Devian 0 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0
    10 Kayde 12 4/6 67% 6/9 67% 2/2 100% 3
    99 AC 4 4/10 40% 0/0 0% 0/1 0% 5
    22 Sheldon 2 2/2 100% 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 4
    23 Dane 16 6/8 75% 9/18 50% 1/2 50% 3
    33 Jesse 0 0/4 0% 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 5
    40 Kendrix 7 4/8 50% 0/0 0% 3/4 75% 4
    4 Name 2 2/2 100% 0/0 0% 0/2 0% 0
    5 Name 16 8/8 100% 3/3 100% 5/8 63% 0
    6 Name 10 10/10 100% 0/0 0% 0/2 0% 0
    7 Name 2 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 2/4 50% 0
    8 Name 8 4/4 100% 0/0 0% 4/6 67% 0
    9 Name 0 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0
    10 Name 0 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0
    11 Name 0 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0
    12 Name 0 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0
    13 Name 0 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0
    14 Name 0 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0
    15 Name 0 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0/0 0% 0
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    23DaneLeoti 16
    10KaydeLeoti 12
    22Sheldon Leoti 100
    6Leoti 83
    23DaneLeoti 39
    10KaydeLeoti 26
    4Leoti 100
    6Leoti 100
    33JesseLeoti 5
    99ACLeoti 5
    22Sheldon Leoti 4
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