Lets Basket BLog

Hi everyone,

Today, when we looked at the site of statistics, we had a very interesting post: Helio Neves made ​​a post from is iPad, only to promote the next game of his team.

This has given us the idea to allow you to add future games, with their location and description.

For you who are already registered, you only have to enter Letsbasket.com and on the dashboard, go down until you find the section “Events Calendar”.

You can create not just an event, but also you can create a post. This one will be in draft mode,and you have to edit it and do “Send for Review”.

As we have explained before, all posts are “pending”, waiting for our ok.

Once again I remind you that any obscene text will be deleted as well as the user who created it.

The idea of the site is to be yours, so you have to participate to the fullest.



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