Lets Basket BLog

Hi everyone,

Today we have uploaded to the Apple Store, a new version of LetsBasket HD.

We corrected some bugs, and added the ability to publish games on the web LetsBasket.com.

Everything is very simple, as always: at the end of the game, just click on the “Publish” boton located next to the statistics:


This will open the following screen:


Here you have available the following fields:

  • Title: Will be the post title, so it should be something simple and effective.
  • Author: Tell us who you are so we know who has published the post.
  • Description: Let us know what has happened in the game, express what emotions you lived and tell us how all endup.
  • In the table immediately bellow you’ll see the statistics you have score. It’s a preview of what will be published in Letsbasket.com.

Click “Publish” and “voila”. If you browse LetsBasket.com, you will see your game published online.

Have fun!







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