Lets Basket BLog

Hi everyone,
As you may have noticed we released a new version of LetsBasket for the iPad and iPhone.In this version we’ve added user authentication. From now on, in order to publish a game in the LetsBasket web site, we require user authentication.

What has changed in game publishing?

You can freely publish games in LetsBasket as before, we just require you to provide user credentials in order to publish.
To create your user account, navigate to LetsBasket, scroll all the way down and hit register. Fill in the required fields on this page and click on the “Register” button. You should receive an email response shortly. Activate your account by clicking on the link on the email and you are ready to publish content in LetsBasket.

Initially we thought authentication requirements has a way to fight spam and repetitions on game publications. We then realized that registered users could also gain additional benefits, such as: post editing and  adding photos, videos. So we added these functionalities on the release as well. Now you can publish your game in LetsBasket and later review you text, add pictures, videos…

As a safety measure, all changes made by users, remain on “stand by” waiting moderation. This is to to avoid spam and inappropriate posts. All users posting inappropriate material to the site will be banned form using it without further notice.

Using text and photos, describe the game you experienced, other individuals can contribute with different view points with comments . Make LetsBasket your’s.

Go publish!


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