Lets Basket BLog

Hi everyone,

We’ve closed LetsBasket improvements user’s pool. Thank you for helping us making Letsbasket faster, better, simpler. The final outcome (after mixing all language pool results) has been:

  • Total team statistics. 31
  • Add more players in team edition. 28
  • Delete an action from the middle of statistics table. 14
  • Track when a time-out is called by the coach. 12
  • New Statistics:Double dribble and travelling. 10
  • Change clock minutes with + and – buttons. 9
  • 24s Clock.  8
  • Technical fouls and unsportsmanlike. 3
  • Expulsions. 1
  • Publish Statistics in my blog(WordPress) 1

Next steps for us are to come up with a roadmap for the new features; we are already working hard on it. But we thought that leaving you waiting for a roadmap sucked. So, we implemented Total Team statistics and has a bonus we added the possibility of sending team statistics by email. Is this awesome or not?


We are working so, in the next version, you can see these same statistics within the app, and analyze better each player. Before the end of this season we will try to add more players to the team edition.

To those who are interested in publishing our statistics in his/her blog (wordpress), you can send us an email to support@letsbasket.com and we’ll see what we can do.

Finally, you have suggested other interesting features, such as:

  • Android version.
  • Stats by quarter.
  • Change player location in field
  • Add season statistics
  • Show “real” time of player during the match

We are already working on the Android version but we can not commit on a release date, yet.

Stay tuned. Gradually and together we move forward!

Thank you for your contributions.



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