Lets Basket BLog

Hi everybody,

It’s now available in the AppStore, a new version of LetsBasket+.

Which new features does it include?

To begin, we have the start up screen that lets you decide if you want to start a new game,or want to load an existing one:


Selecting “Load game” (left button), will open the dialogue enabling you to select a game you have previously saved.

If you select the button on the right “New game“, it will open the new game screen:


Here you can easily edit team data: The team name, players, and colors. You can save and load teams to avoid filling team data over and over.

You can also configure match settings: number of parts, duration and the clockwise.

The “Ok” button is the one in green, pressing it will take you to the main screen caring over all data you entered.


On the main screen we added two new buttons (the ones in blue on the picture above). These are the “Edit Team” buttons which take you back to the “Editgame” screen allowing you to change game data. You can still edit team and player names and numbers on the main screen, but if you need to change a lot of player data the team edit screen can be more productive.

The other new button on the main screen is the “New Game” which will allows you to start a new game. Warning pressing this button erases current game data. So to avoid mistakes we ask you to confirm your choice with this dialog:


Before starting a new game we urge you to save the old one if you wish to keep its data. Once you select “New game” it will open once again the team edit screen.

We have tried to make it easier for you to start a new games from scratch and to edit on going games, let us now how it works.

Have fun!


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