Lets Basket BLog

Hi everyone,

It’s now available in the App Store, a new update of LetsBasket+.

This version comes with some new exciting features:

  • Initial 5: In the editing team screen, on the players list, you have available a button to indicate whether or not the player belongs to the initial 5.
  • Coaches: In the same screen at the bottom of the players list, is now available 2 fields for coaches names.
  • Referees: In the game configuration screen, you can now enter the 3 referees.
  • Captain: You can select the team captain. For this you need to select a player, and hold your finger on it a few seconds. When you let go, you’ll see a  “C” indicating that the captain is selected. If you want to change the captain, you only have to select and press the new player and the captain symbol will be associated to the new one and the previous will be removed.

We will prepare a short video with all these changes so you can see it better.

Hope you enjoy it!


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