Lets Basket BLog

Hola a todos,

Following our road to a complete  and enlightening FAQ, here we let you know, how you can save and load a game in LetsBasket+.

In LetsBasket+ you have two available buttons “Save” (green in the picture) and “Load” (in blue) located next to the botton “Publish”.


When we click on the “Save” button we will get the following dialogue:


Enter the name you want to give to the game and click on “Save” and the game will be saved in the iPad.

To see all data of this game again, just click on the “Load” button (blue in the picture above) and we will get the following dialogue:


Here you can select the file you’ve previously saved, and the game will be loaded into the application. Once loaded, you can see all player statistics and publish it, if you haven’t.

See you soon!





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