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Last Friday we were at the presentation of the Copa Colegial that will be held for the first time in Barcelona. This tournament is also celebrated in Madrid, Seville and Zaragoza.

We had the opportunity to meet Pablo Martínez Arroyo, Director of the Copa Colegial and former professional basketball player, and the big (literally) Audie Norris, former NBA and ACB player who loved LetsBasket App!


Rafa Baena (Project Manager in Barcelona), Audie Norris, Pablo Martinez Arroyo

As Pablo explained “basketball was created to be played at school and in Copa Colegial we keep this same spirit: a competitive sport without forgetting sport values”. Audie Norris also outlined the importance of basketball in schools explaining his own case: “I was not a very good student in school but I was really lucky because my coach was also my math teacher and one day he talked seriously to me. He said: if you don’t study, you won’t play basketball. Since then I changed my mind: I started studying hard. ”

And why LetsBasket was there? Because we will collect the official statistics in this tournament!

Copa colegial
LetsBasket team with Audie Norris

You can have more information on Copa Colegial website http://baloncestocolegial.com/copa/2013/.

We will inform you of updates to the Copa Colegial in our blog and, especially, in our social networks.


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