Lets Basket BLog

After our last review in the App Store, we were left with the feeling that our users think we are a company dedicated to developing applications for Mac. In fact we are a couple with 3 children who play Basketball. We realized that we could not keep up with our kids games score and got down to work to try and solve this problem.

We are  two computer programmers who love to solve real life problems, so faced with the opportunity we ventured to make an  application for the iPad.

Since we have our own jobs, the application is developed in our spare time, i.e., during the weekends that are shorted by basketball games and attending our children.

We decided to publish the application as soon as possible to collect feedback and evaluate if it was worthy to continue this effort.The aim is to release a new version every month, by implementing small incremental features. This month our goal is to get more statistics and to publish a version of the application for the iPhone.

If you want some functionality as soon as possible, vote in the poll.


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