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  • Rafa Baena - Organizador torneio NBA3x3
    Letsbasket has been a valuable tool for better activation of the Copa Colegial. From here we hope to have been the turning point for leverage its use in the following sports projects. - Rafa Baena NBA 3x3 tournament organizer
  • Image description
    We use LetsBasket in training sessions and official games. It's the best application we found for stats, and the only one with adaptation for wheelchair basket-ball. We were proud to test it, and it's really a very great tool for us! Nicet app! - Jean-Marc Demoustier French youth Basketball wheelchair
  • Pablo Martínez Arroyo - Fundador ABC y  ex-Jugador
    The statistics provide a wealth of basketball information for players, coaches and fans. Managing this info with Letsbasket is super easy! From the most basic to the most advanced things. I encourage all basketball lovers to download this app and try it. Sure you love it! - Jose Manuel García Fan
  • Nacho Camarero - Beta Tester y Aficionado
    Super simple application for keeping statistics of basketball games, both seniors, and those who are starting. The interface is very good and the data are sufficient. Congratulations on the work you have done... - Nacho Camarero Beta Tester and Fan

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